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Barber B' Line

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Manufactured in London, England, by one of the country's top pipe manufacturers, these pipes are of a standard which could command a price many times higher than for which they are offered below.
Once you see and handle these pipes you will appreciate their quality.
In our opinion, these pipes represent probably the best value of all the pipes on our site.
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All pipes shown are in stock.
 40.00 + VAT

A13 Size 2 A14 Size4  A28 Size 3 Flat Bottom B24 Size 3/4
B25 Size 3 B26 Size 4 B28 Size 4 B30 Size 4/5 Flat Bottom
B31 Size 3 B32 Size 3/4 B33 Size 3/4 B34 Size 2
B35 Size 2/3 B36 Size 3/4 B37 Size 4/5 B40 Size 4
  B42 Size 4/5 B43 Size 2/3 B45 Size 4 Flat Bottom
B47 Size 2/3 B48 Size 2/3 B23 Size 3/4 B1 Size 3/4
B2 Size 4/5 B3 Size 4 B5 Size 4 B6 Size 4/5
B8 Size 5 B9 Size 3/4 B11 Size 4 B21 Size 3
B13 Size 4 B14 Size 4 B12 Size 3 B16 Size 4
B17 Size 2 B19 Size 3/4 B22 Size 3 B29 Size 3/4