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 Loose Flakes to weigh out


25g 50g
Balkan Flake A medium flake with added Latakia Loose 3.99  7.98
Bright CR Flake Mild 100% Virginia flake Loose  4.04  8.08
Broken Flake No.7 A medium flake ideal for those who enjoyed the Gallahers Rich Dark Honeydew flake. Loose  4.01  8.02
Bulwark Flake A nice full flavoured tobacco, slow burning Loose  4.41  8.82
Cob Flake Manufactured by hand from dark fired Virginias and flavoured, Cob Flake is a full strength tobacco. Loose  3.82  7.64
Coniston Aromatic Cut plug in aromatic form. A good alternative to Condor. Loose  4.00  8.00
Coniston Cut Plug A traditional cut plug. Ideal for the experienced smoker. Loose  4.00  8.00
Dark Flake A strong dark and remarkably cool tobacco. Loose  4.00  8.00
Ennerdale A dark strong to medium tobacco with a rum aroma. Loose  4.04  8.08
Fire Dance Flake Flake subtly flavoured with a combination of Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla. The smoke is a mild, cool experience with the Blackberry the predominant flavour, the Brandy in the background and rounded off with the Vanilla.  Loose  3.90  7.80
Golden Flake Medium strength, cool, sweetened with chocolate, good taste and aroma. Loose  4.04  8.08
Irish Slices A medium to strong fruity flake. A good alternative for Condor smokers. Loose  4.41  8.82
Medium Virginia Flake A medium - full Virginia Flake Loose  3.90  7.80
Navy Flake A Dark hand made Virginia flake with added Latakia and laced with rum. Loose  3.99  7.98
Rich Brown Flake A classic medium flake. Loose  4.04  8.08
Rich Brown Flake Aromatic A classic medium aromatic flake. Loose  4.04  8.08
Rum Flake A medium flake flavoured with Jamaican rum. Loose  4.04  8.08